Design And Development

Production Solution Drilling and Completion Design Subsurface
  • Use of a proprietary lightweight platform design combined with a storage vessel to reduce the engineering time and enable fast commitment.
  • The platform design selected has a proven track record.
  • Simple, single trip completion
  • Simple wells that utilize dual conductors, casing drilling techniques, standard sizes and simple directional profiles
  • Adoption of advanced seismic analysis techniques to better visualize the reservoir


Cost Effective Rapid Innovative Technology
  • Shared platform engineering design, fabrication, transportation and installation costs with other similar projects
  • Budget targets met through negotiation
  • Source surplus equipment for drilling/completion tubulars, completion + wellhead equipment and structural steel
  • 10 month platform delivery time using combination of US and Malaysian expertise to optimize equipment procurement and fabrication.
  • Used “Seahorse” platform for the first time in Malaysia.
  • Lightweight structure that uses advanced structural and construction techniques to reduce the volume of steel to a minimum hence keeping the costs low with a short delivery schedule.