VESTIGO Petroleum is a marginal field specialist that delivers rapid monetization of hydrocarbon resources.

The company develops small and stranded oil and gas reservoirs using safe, cost effective approaches, innovation and novel commercial arrangements to maximize economic value.

  1. Rapid
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Novel Commercial Arrangements


Fast Track, Repeatable Development
  • Manufacturing approach to “commoditize and standardize” development solutions
  • Use simple drilling and completion designs that are easy to construct/install
  • Clusters of field developments by combining resources and gaining economies of scale

Cost Effective

  • Share standard design and operating facilities with other operators
  • Tieback to existing facilities
  • Use surplus material from field
  • Refurbish equipment based on requirements 
  • Reuse equipment on different fields to reduce development costs

Novel Commercial Arrangements

Factory/Manufacturing Approach

  • Leverage on the capability and capacity of partners and service sector
  • Long term supplier arrangements to streamline the supply chain
  • Drive cost reductions over time with higher efficiency
  • Collaboration between strong and empowered project teams

Value Driven Mindset

  • Maximize project value
  • Equitable value sharing among stakeholders